Our platforms are designed and built specifically for carriers worldwide.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Platform

Unlock the revenue potential of carrier data in an incredibly quick and powerful way.

Our Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Platform processes data through unique and scalable machine learning algorithms. This enables analytics tailored to carrier needs that can be used in audience segmentation, anomaly detection, usage analytics, and more. Plus, the platform is functionally ready out of the box, eliminating the need to find specialized IT talent or spend millions on development, empowering you to generate revenue faster than you thought possible. You can turn the data you already collect into a valuable asset to create personalized marketing campaigns, laser-targeted advertising, and deep customer engagement.

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IoT Platform

Capture the increased revenue potential that IoT promises.

Our IoT Platform is an end-to-end IoT ecosystem—from silicon to the end vertical solutions—that enables you, your partners, enterprise customers, and independent developers to develop, deploy, and manage a wide range of IoT applications. Our platform covers the IoT value chain, freeing you from having to cobble together piecemeal solutions. It's pre-integrated with a wide range of commercially available devices, and supports the rapidly expanding pool of non-cellular devices.

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Media Services Platform

Meet all of your video delivery and content needs, be it IPTV, OTT, AR/VR, or 4K.

Our Media Services Platform is a single integrated solution that provides the ability to dynamically customize content for customers, and avoid all the unwanted channels that they have no use for. By grouping content by meaningful attributes such as genre, popular stars, or channels, customers can quickly discover what they want to watch without relying on antiquated relics such as channel numbers, schedules, or separate platforms. No matter where it lives, what time it aired, how long it is, and who is in it, your customers will be able to rely on you to curate and deliver the video content they want, whenever and however they want it, for a seamless and rich media experience. With the Media Services Platform, the customer experience takes front seat.

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Internet Services Delivery Platform

Take on a more intelligent role in the
 real-time data flow.

Our Internet Services Delivery Platform has a double-pronged benefit: it can create new opportunities to generate revenue and reduce expensive network costs. The platform creates the foundation for you to build and deploy new over-the-top services that deliver high quality experiences to end users—a capability you sorely need to challenge OTT monopolies. You can also quickly spin up new pricing offers that target a defined audience segment. The Internet Services Delivery Platform is a single solution that provides the capabilities carriers like you need to leverage your greatest asset: your network.

In addition, the platform is located in-line, along the highway of your network. It is a business-rule-driven platform that allows you to optimize traffic flowing through your network, upping throughput and capacity. Benefit from massive cost savings and performance improvements with the Internet Services Delivery Platform.

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Cloud Computing & Storage Platform

Deliver services more efficiently and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Our Cloud Computing & Storage Platform is our unique, container-based private cloud platform utilizing microservices, allowing carriers to drastically cut deployment time, enable faster scaling, and launch services. The platform's operating model can provide enormous cost savings versus public cloud solutions, driving down the total cost of ownership and enabling carriers to more readily compete at scale. Plus, application updates are non-intrusive and can be pushed out quickly with minimal disruption. It’s technology independent, highly scalable, with customizable security.

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